Paternity Tests

Paternity testing is used to determine the father of a child.  Testing can also be done for siblings, grand parentage, etc.  Mother is optional in all testing at no additional charge.  It is easier for the laboratory to determine parentage if the mother’s DNA is available. We send the DNA to a very trusted and reputable laboratory for testing and confirmation.

We have been doing Paternity tests for 20+ years. We are very competitive in pricing.  Our Friendly staff is here to answer any questions you may have by phone 801-399-9686 or contact us via email at


There are two available options for paternity tests:


Legal Paternity Test (Holds up in Court)



$300 for Testing of Alleged Father and Child

Approximately 2-3 Business Days.

A legal Paternity test is accompanied by a Chain of Custody form which will hold up in Court.

Non-Legal Paternity Test

(Peace of mind.  For your information only)



$200 for Testing of Alleged Father and Child

Approximately 3-5 business days. 2-3 business days if sent FedEx ($15 fee)

A Non-Legal Paternity test is not accompanied by a chain of custody form and does not hold up in court. It is for information only. Peace of Mind.


Tests are also available if child is unborn. Call for Pricing

Prices are subject to change if client is out of state/country. Call for Pricing

Call for pricing on other testing... Grand parentage, sibling, etc.

If you wish to have mobile service a charge of $100 dollars will be added. 

(Each additional person Child/or Alleged Father tested is $150)